Eco‐Carbone, a French company developing community based Jatropha curcas plantations worldwide, and the Industrial Crop Technology Company, QUINVITA announced today they entered into a strategic alliance on a joint Jatropha development program. Under the signed agreement, Eco‐Carbone becomes a member of the QUINVITA breeding and cultivar development Knowledge Platform and will access the QUINVITA PRO (QVP) seed cultivars for planting in its global operations. Both companies have also agreed to start an extensive R&D collaboration on testing different Jatropha lines, selected by both companies, in the Eco‐Carbone and Quinvita field trial networks.

Olivier Kreiss, President of Eco‐Carbone, welcomes the alliance with QUINVITA: ‘’QUINVITA has developed over the years a unique knowledge‐base in the improvement of Jatropha genetics and is one of the few companies in the world with proven high quality jatropha genetic material, readily available for plantation. Eco‐Carbone is developing Jatropha cultivation practices, which are adapted to small holder farming systems. Our contract farmers also need to be provided with the best quality genetics available today. We believe Quinvita is an excellent reliable partner to do so and that this partnership will pave the way to developing the best adapted genetic materials for different climatic and farming conditions.”

Henk Joos, the CEO of QUINVITA is pleased with the alliance: “From day one in our discussions we have been very impressed about the strategic choices and professionalism Eco‐Carbone has demonstrated in their different Jatropha projects. It is the development of these kinds of projects into success stories which will form the basis for further development of Jatropha curcas as an agricultural crop. QUINVITA is very pleased it will help projects with this long term potential with its technology and know‐how. ’’

Eco‐Carbone was created in 2001 and is developing community based Jatropha plantation projects in Mali, Indonesia, Vietnam and Laos. Its Malian subsidiary produced the first commercial quantities of Jatropha oil in 2009. For more information on Eco‐Carbone see‐ or please contact:

Julien Chantry + 33 1 53 59 83 88

Email: info@eco‐

QUINVITA is a global industrial crop technology company focusing its activities on the professionalization of and the deployment of game change technologies in alternative energy crops like Jatropha curcas. For further information on QUINVITA see also or please contact:

Vincent Volckaert +32 9 241 56 12