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Truffle Capital is an independent European Venture Capital company, specialized in breakthrough technologies in the IT (FinTech and InsurTech) and Life Sciences (BioTech and MedTech) sectors. Truffle Capital’s mission is to support the creation and development of young innovative companies capable of becoming tomorrow’s leaders.




Truffle Capital – Entrepreneurial DNA

Truffle Capital is a company of 24 professionals from various nationalities: French, Italian, Mauritian, British. They are men and women passionate by the trade of financing innovation.

Since its creation in 2001, Truffle Capital has been a key player in European Venture Capital, specialising in breakthrough technologies in the IT (FinTech and InsurTech) and Life Sciences (BioTech and MedTech) sectors.

Truffle Capital’s mission is to support the creation and development of young innovative companies capable of becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Truffle Capital is dedicated to leveraging its industry knowledge, extensive network and on-the-ground experience to identify each company’s opportunities to meet market needs, with the ultimate goal of improving financial performance for investors.

Truffle Capital manages more than 450 million euros and raised more than 900 million euros through personal vehicles (French Retail Vehicles on Tax Purposes, management mandate, holding companies) as well as institutional funds (French Institutional Vehicles on Tax Purposes) and has built a strong portfolio of innovative and fast-growing companies.

Truffle Capital accompanied 70 companies including 14 listed and organized 15 M&A exits.

Our Business

Truffle Capital takes a majority stake in the portfolio companies in order to be involved in their management. Truffle identifies companies whose activity or projects respond to unmet demand in their market and which have the potential to develop into high value-added companies. This is how Truffle Capital finds the nuggets of tomorrow and then supports them in their development and financial strategy.

We have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to seize unique investment opportunities across Europe and to implement financial engineering solutions that enable companies to position themselves strategically in their markets.

Our investment policy is based on 4 concepts: a “better” life, a more innovative world, a stronger economy, and happier investors. Our focus on radical innovation and breakthrough technologies runs from the creation or co-creation of portfolio companies to their exit with a high multiple.

Thanks to an extensive network of contacts and a targeted investment strategy, we have successfully listed several companies on the stock exchange and sold many others industrially.


Truffle's Story
Truffle Capital, founded in 2001, is led by Patrick Kron, Chairman, Dr Philippe Pouletty, Co-founder and CEO (Life Sciences Sector Specialist), and Bernard-Louis Roques, Co-founder and CEO (Information Technology Sector Specialist). Truffle Capital benefits from the experience and know-how of its partners, not only in the banking and financial sector but also in the entrepreneurial sector. Thanks to their expertise and the recruitment of a qualified team, Truffle Capital finances high potential companies through its funds.
Proposed investment solutions
Truffle Capital develops investment solutions adapted to institutional investors (FPCI) as well as to individual investors (FCPI, holdings, discretionary management); the latter can be distributed by banks, insurance companies and wealth management advisors.





Responsible Investment: Our Commitments




Truffle Capital believes that good management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors can help preserve business value, create attractiveness, better manage risks in their entirety and optimize risk. portfolio performance over the long term. Therefore, taking these ESG factors into account is an integral part of its fiduciary responsibility.

This very early observation, led Truffle Capital to sign the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in January 2012 (https://www.unpri.org). Thus, Truffle Capital was one of the first players in the French private equity market committed to respect the 6 main principles of this key initiative for the development of responsible finance.

ESG inherent integration to Truffe Capital’s historic investment strategy

Truffle Capital’s investment strategy is focused on sectors that are intrinsically connected to environmental and social issues, in order to achieve sustainable economic development. Focusing on life sciences and digital technologies, Truffle Capital is particularly well positioned to generate positive societal impacts through its investments. This goal of impacts’ control, which constitutes the first pillar of its responsible investment approach, is reinforced by an exclusion policy which aims, as a corollary, to reinforce the positive vocation of its investments.

An ESG integration that we progressively deepen at all stages of our investment process to align with best practices in this area

The key principles of PRI engagement embraced by Truffle Capital have been embodied in a Responsible Investment (RI) Policy and the inclusion of ESG factors in our analysis and investment process, as well as in its active shareholding approach.



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