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MoneyTrack was created in November 2017. It is the first blockchain platform dedicated to prepaid means, initially targeting the gift voucher sector. Today there are many prepaid payment tools (gift vouchers, culture vouchers, lunch vouchers, etc..) that can only be used for one type of purchase; the use of these means of payment is very difficult to control and represents an obstacle to their use. MoneyTrack was created on the basis of this observation: a disruptive platform to secure and control prepaid means of payment.
MoneyTrack enables intelligent payment contracts to be validated and executed between all parties involved in the transaction chain (issuers, consumers, merchants, payment institutions). After the gift voucher sector, MoneyTrack can easily adapt to many other markets (claims, social assistance, petrol cards, consumer credits, etc..) – in fact all exchanges taking place in the area of “directed consumption”, ie the purchase of a predefined product or service financed by a third party.



MoneyTrack, already accredited Finance Innovation and Systematic Paris-Region, is one of the projects selected by the Fonds Unique Interministériel (FUI) during its 24th call for projects. MoneyTrack was selected for its innovative character and economic potential.

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