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Truffle InnoCroissance 2018 FCPI will finance innovative companies developing technologies
that could revolution the world of tomorrow.

■ 18% reduction of IR within the limit of a payment of 12 000 euros for a single person
and 24 000 euros for a couple

■ An exemption of capital gains tax on income, excluding social security contributions.
Truffle Innocroissance 2018 FCPI will finance innovative companies developing technologies that have the potential to impact the world of tomorrow according to Truffle Capital’s analysis. Truffle Innocroissance 2018 FCPI portfolio of companies will have a profile that will potentially enable distributions as of year six.

Innovation: the FCPI will focus on breakthrough innovation in Life Sciences and IT fields
■ The FCPI will invest in innovative companies in growth and consolidation stage that have already performed in their domain, thus potentially enabling rapid exits.
■ Growth: Truffle Capital’s objective will be to transform the companies it financed into world leaders of their domain
■ The ultimate objective of the FPCI will be to achieve performance beyond the initial tax benefit, in exchange of a locked period up to 7 years

An FCPI managed by Truffle Capital, a specialist of young and innovative companies since more than 15 years.

A solid company

With more than 917 M€ under management, 17 years of experience and a team of 22 passionate employees, Truffle Capital is one of the most important and recognized players in innovation financing.

Long and continuous experience in innovation

Truffle Capital was created in 2001 on the following observation: there are many unmet market needs – especially in the fields of health, cleantech and IT, despite a large number of competent entrepreneurs in France. A lack of substantial funding and strategic support often prevents these entrepreneurs from transforming their ideas into reality. Based on our experience in the field of innovation, we decided to support companies that develop technologies which we believe will radically change the world of tomorrow.

For over 15 years, our FCPIs have financed 84 companies for a total of 500M€. We are convinced that innovation is an important vector of economic growth and a source of value creation for our FCPI subscribers.

84 companies supported so far.

500 M€ invested

Creating value for our investors

Of the 84 companies we have supported since our creation in 2001, we have already sold nearly 30% to industrial or financial players, and almost 17% of the companies have been listed on the stock market. Thus we were able to return nearly 150 M€ to the subscibers who trusted us, which represents 30% of the total invested.

■ 24 exits
■ 13 IPOs
■ 150 M€ reimbursed to investors

Past performance does not guarantee future performance

Vehicle FCPI
Investment strategy European SMEs, mainly unlisted
Investment Sectors Life Sciences and Information Technology
Minimum subscription 1000 euros, then in multiples of 100 euros
Tax reductions: At entrance:

  • 18% reduction of IR within the limit of a payment of 12.000 euros for a single person and 24.000 euros for a couple.

During the investment:

  • A total exemption from the IFI

At the exit  :

  • Exemption of capital gains from income tax, excluding social security contributions.
Lock-up period 7 years, renewable for 3 years by decision of the management company
% invested in eligible SMEs 90%
Statuw Open to new subscriptions



Information as of : 06/06/2018

Original value per unit: :  100 €

■ Net asset Value (NAV) available upon e-mail request at :

WARNING: Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.


For any additional information request concerning the INNOCROISSANCE 2018 FCPI


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Sales Manager
Tel: +33 1 82 28 46 07
Mobile: +33 7 88 97 54 03
5, rue de la Baume
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