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December 2015

Truffle Capital

Truffle Capital: a major presence at the COP21

Five companies from Truffle’s portfolio will be present at the Galerie by the World Efficiency at the COP21:

Carbios, Deinove, Geocorail, OHT and SP3H


Paris, December 2nd 2015Truffle Capital, Truffle Capital, a major actor in European venture capital, as well as one of the market leaders in innovation-focused mutual management (IFFM), announces the strong attendance of some of its portfolio’s firms at the COP21 conference that opened in Paris on November 30th

Five firms from Truffle Capital’s portfolio will be present at the Galerie by the World Efficiency exhibition’s site during the COP21 conference: they are Carbios, Deinove, Geocoarail, OHT and SP3H.

Co-organized amidst the major political and institutional debates of the COP21, Galerie by the World Efficiency (http://www.lagalerie-cop21.cpm) is a meeting and exhibition area designed to enable innovative firms throughout the world to present and expose their solutions to fight climate change. From November 2nd through November 9th, more than 20.000 economical and political actors from around the world will meet in order to promote ideas and solutions developed by environmentally minded firms, industrial players and local agencies determined to alter the industrial and societal impact on the climate.

“We are proud that five of our cleantech and green chemistry firms are present at the Galerie by the World Efficiency exhibition at the COP21 in Paris. Commitment to environmental innovation is an integral part of Truffle Capital’s DNA. Since our creation in 2001, we have been among the first to support innovative firms by providing groundbreaking solutions in biotechnologies, especially in the area of cleantech. Firms as diversed as, Carbios, Deinove, Geocoarail, OHT and SP3H, who will certainly be recognized during the COP 21 conference for their steadfast commitments and contributions to environmental issues”, have recently commented associated-founders, Henri Moulard , Philippe Pouletty and Bernard-Louis Roques, as well as Truffle Capital’s partners’s Alexandre Ouimet-Storrs and Antoine Pau.

Carbios: Carbios (Alternext; AVCRB), is an innovating company in green chemistry, specialized in the recovery of plastic waste and the creation of biopolymers. Thanks to its unique expertise and skills when dealing with enzymes (better known as biological catalysts), and its ability to use the transformed and recycled biopolymers (plastics, textiles, food stuff, etc), Carbios is currently engineering bioprocesses that represent a real environmental breakthrough. (

Deinove: (Alternext: ALDEI). Very respectful of the environment, Deinove stands today as a very innovative firm in green chemistry, uniquely dedicated to the developing and the exploiting of very advanced commercial processes, such as the production of biofuel and biobased products in chemistry, cosmetics or animal food products. The industrial processes developed by Deinove are based solely on exceptional bacterial properties also known as deinococcus bacteria. (http://

Geocorail: Geocorail has developed and commercialized Geocorail technology, a natural agregat issued from an electrochemical process capable to offer innovating and efficient solutions against coastal erosion that continues to threaten all maritime constructions around the world.

SP3H: SP3H has developed solutions based on near-infrared technology (NIR). These solutions have allowed the reduction of fuel consumption, a better control of CO2 emissions and other pollutant emissions, and more efficient methods for optimizing the operation parameters of combustion engines. SP3H central activity is to help engines to attain better combustion efficiencies from the fuel that they use.(

OHT: OHT has focused its activity on providing innovative technologies for the cleaning of hydrocarbon-contaminated water, soil and sludge. OHT offers soil and water remediation services, water treatment solutions and hydrocarbon removal processes. (


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Truffle Capital is an independent European venture capital firm founded in 2001 and whose assets under management and advisory total €720 million, as of June 30, 2015, mostly via institutional and retail private equity funds (FPCIs and FCPIs). Specialized in investments in companies developing breakthrough technologies and products in the Information Technology and Life Sciences sectors, Truffle is led by a team of three founding partners, Henri Moulard, Dr. Philippe Pouletty and Bernard-Louis Roques, with decades of successful investment and entrepreneurial experience in Europe and the U.S.

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First FinTech Closing
On the 15th of November 2017, Truffle has successfully completed the first closing of its institutional fund Truffle Financial Innovation Fund.
Premier closing FinTech
Le 15/11/2017, Truffle réalise le premier closing de son fonds institutionnel Truffle Financial Innovation Fund.
Premier closing FinTech
Le 15/11/2017, Truffle réalise le premier closing de son fonds institutionnel Truffle Financial Innovation Fund.