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June 2011

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Company’s Active Carbon-Control System Recognized as 2011 Top Money-Saving Product

FRAMINGHAM, Massachusetts—June 20, 2011—PeopleCube, provider of intelligent workplace, resource, and energy management technology, today announced that its Energy Management Solutions have been chosen as a 2011 Top Money-Saving Product by BUILDINGS Magazine.

“Energy Management Solutions earned a place in BUILDINGS’ 2011 Top Money-Saving Products because the solutions can help organizations significantly reduce energy costs simply by understanding how energy is being used,” said John T. Anderson, president and CEO of PeopleCube. “Energy consumption is typically an organization’s third largest cost after personnel and real estate, so being able to visualize and control its use can result in cost savings of 30 to 40 percent a year or more.”

“PeopleCube was chosen as a Top Money-Saving Product because it provides an economical solution that offers significant cost savings to building management,” says Chris Olson, chief content director, BUILDINGS. Finalists were based on the money-saving qualities offered to building owners and facility managers in areas such as energy consumption, water savings, lighting, productivity, maintenance, and more.”

Cutting Costs through Efficient Energy Management

According to Stephen Stokes, VP distinguished analyst at research firm Gartner, “There has been a shift away from tools that singularly consider the reporting or analysis of carbon toward technologies that visualize and more efficiently manage energy, and provide more holistic analysis of sustainable performance and asset management.”1
PeopleCube’s Energy Management Solutions provide these advanced technologies that enable organizations to track their energy consumption levels, analyze the data through intuitive visualization dashboards, and then use the resulting information to actively manage their energy consumption. In this way organizations can eliminate unnecessary waste based on real-estate utilization data, thereby significantly reducing costs and carbon emissions.

Energy Management Webinar

PeopleCube will be hosting a free live webinar entitled “Active Energy Management: Leveraging Resource Intelligence for Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings” on June 29, 2011, during which experts will leverage industry data and case studies to showcase how PeopleCube’s Energy Management Solutions help organizations to not only reduce their energy consumption, but have a more efficient workplace and significantly cut overhead expenses. Additional details and registration information can be found at

BUILDINGS is a publication that serves more than 73,450 building owners and professional facilities managers in North America. The monthly publication helps readers make smarter decisions relevant to the management, modernization, and operation of their facilities.
1. Simon Mingay, Stephen Stokes, and Milind Govekar, “Cool Vendors in Green IT and Sustainability,” Gartner Inc., April 15, 2011;

First FinTech Closing
On the 15th of November 2017, Truffle has successfully completed the first closing of its institutional fund Truffle Financial Innovation Fund.
Premier closing FinTech
Le 15/11/2017, Truffle réalise le premier closing de son fonds institutionnel Truffle Financial Innovation Fund.
Premier closing FinTech
Le 15/11/2017, Truffle réalise le premier closing de son fonds institutionnel Truffle Financial Innovation Fund.