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September 2012



September 26, 2012

In the 1st half-year of 2012, Netbooster recorded turnover of 65.3 millions Euros, more than twice the turnover of the corresponding period of 2011.

Gross margin, the true indicator of business activity, showed a 33% increase in H1 2012 to € 16.5 million. This was the result of the successful integration of Metapeople, the increasingly significant role of business based on added value offers and greater business efficiency.

The impact of this growth was enhanced by the implementation of innovative management solutions that led to a net decrease in expenses. The group also relied on new tools for negotiating or renegotiating fees with its customers based on measurable ROIs. EBITDA also stood at € 1.3 million, up € 1.6 million on the 1st half of 2011, i.e. an EBITDA vs gross margin ratio of 8% and of 11% calculated on rolling twelve months, which meets the target set for the whole of 2012.

Growth in operating income and profit
The improvement in EBITDA resulted in a corresponding increase in operating income to € 1.0 million as a result of maintenance of the level of depreciation. Successful financial restructuring enabled a reduction in the financial burden that led to a € 2.2 million improvement in the operating profit of the consolidated companies to € 0.6 million. Goodwill amortization allocation under French law increased slightly due to the integration of Metapeople from H2 2011. It had no cash impact, but affected net income by € -2.1 million. The latter, however, increased by € 1.7 million to € -2.4 million.

In the half-year, Netbooster recorded cash-flow of € 0.34 million, and increase of almost € 1.5 million on the corresponding half-year of 2011. Given the stability of working capital resources, cash flow from operations is comparable to cash flow at € 0.34 million and is therefore positive. The payment of an earn-out in connection with the acquisition of Metapeople maintained high levels of investment flows at € 3.36 million. Financial flows of € 2.4 million benefited from the net proceeds of the capital increase that took place in the second half of 2011. Finally, cash was posted at € 8.83 million at 30 June 2012, close to the level of 31 December 2011.

2012 targets achieved
The good performance of the 1st half-year, the expected conclusion of major contracts, the impact during the second half-year of previously-implemented management savings and the traditional seasonal nature of activity, enabled Netbooster to achieve its targets in 2012, despite a difficult macroeconomic climate:
– 25% increase in gross margin
– EBITDA margin / gross margin ratio of 11%.
Moreover, the growth of digital communication and the development of its core skills, validates Netbooster’s major strategic priorities. The increasing share of budgets invested by advertisers on Ad Exchange, already 20% of global inventories, and the spread of payment by results are developments that will enable the group to capitalize on its pioneering position and the relevance of its offers and thereby outperform a rapidly developing market. Netbooster therefore reaffirms its medium/long-term ambition to achieve growth of 15% per annum in order to increase its EBITDA to 20% of gross margin.

About NetBooster Group (
NetBooster, an independent interactive communication group, provides its customers with comprehensive expertise in digital marketing to ensure best performance on their investments. By investing in R&D, the agency covers the entire online marketing chain at European level: search, display, membership, online media, creation, eCRM and social networks, with a notable expertise in the digital marketing of the future (Social Networks, Video, Ad Exchange, …). In 2011, NetBooster achieved a consolidated gross margin of € 27.7 million, an increase of 21%. Certified an “Innovative Company” by OSEO innovation and listed on the the NYSE Alternext, NetBooster is eligible for FCPI (Innovation-focused mutual funds).

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Pepper Menthe Communication

Financial communication
Stéphanie STAHR

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Premier closing FinTech
Le 15/11/2017, Truffle réalise le premier closing de son fonds institutionnel Truffle Financial Innovation Fund.