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février 2011

Truffle Capital


London, February 28th 2011 – Momac has been chosen as the sole ringtone provider on O2 Active, with a single portal, recommendation and analytic solution.
O2’s objective was to find a partner who could enliven the music download part of O2 Active, while bringing more flexibility with content management. One of the key issues in music content stores is the ability to follow the music market trends. That requires a very flexible, easy-to modify portal solution. Equally, the portal needs to have a great look and feel for every type of handset and bring advanced features such as an easy search engine, personalisation and recommendation.

The Momac solution consists of:
• Total redesign of the store fronts, following today’s best practices for the mobile web
• Implementation of Momac’s mvolve Interface Editor, for managing all the portal pages, and mvolve Content Manager for managing store categories and content feeds
• Availability of all major and independent label ringtones, creating a catalogue of more than 40,000 items for download
• Central analytics solution, to provide a real-time tracking of sales, device trend and 3rd parties splits
• Cloud-hosted rendering engine to provided every customers with a unique and optimised version of the portal based on their own device type

Glyn Povah, Head of Content at Telefónica O2 UK commented, “Momac has been a partner of Telefónica O2 UK for over eight years now and we recently selected them to launch a new downloads site on our hugely successful O2 Active mobile internet portal. Customers love to personalise their phones and we wanted to offer them the best experience to do so. Momac launched the new site against tight timescales and we know that customers love the new download site on O2 Active”

This brand new version of the O2 Active storefront brings the operator much more reactivity, leading to better conversion rates. New content promotions can be programmed in a few minutes with no technical skills. And with Momac’s cloud-based platform, O2 can scale and evolve in a much easier way.

About Momac
Momac is a leading provider of mobile portals solutions for operators and enterprises.
With a comprehensive set of cloud-based tools and managed services, Momac enables operators to run highly-personalized portals, customer care services, premium content stores, advertising and messaging in one flexible solution to drive customer loyalty and increase ARPU.

Momac’s mvolve platform delivers more than 1000 mobile sites, applications and operators portals for the biggest industry names including Vodafone, Telefonica, Mobistar, MTV, Three and MSN.

As an international company, Momac has offices in London, Rotterdam and Paris but serves commercially more than 20 countries.

First FinTech Closing
On the 15th of November 2017, Truffle has successfully completed the first closing of its institutional fund Truffle Financial Innovation Fund.
Premier closing FinTech
Le 15/11/2017, Truffle réalise le premier closing de son fonds institutionnel Truffle Financial Innovation Fund.
Premier closing FinTech
Le 15/11/2017, Truffle réalise le premier closing de son fonds institutionnel Truffle Financial Innovation Fund.